How to connect a X2t True wireless earphone?

To connect an Acid Eye X2T True wireless earphone the steps are mention below

: firstly rebuild the twin relationship and secondly pairing it.

Rebuild Twin relationship

You may rebuild the twin relationship between two earphones as follows:

1 Press and hold the MFB button of two earphones for about 8-10 seconds just at the

same time until blue light flash.

2 Press and hold the MFB button of any one of two earphones two earphones will shut

down at the same time.

3 Repair the relationship between the set of TWS earphones and your mobile phone.

Pairing Steps

1 Press and hold the MFB button of one earphone for 2 seconds until the red light flash

2. Press and hold the MFB button of another earphone for 4 seconds until red light and

blue light flash alternately, and at the same time the blue light of the first earphone will

flash (one time in 5 seconds)

3 Turn on your mobile phone's Bluetooth and search for the device named "X2T" and

connect to it.

4 After successfully pairing between your mobile phone and your TWS earphones, the

next time you wish to use the TWS earphones. Simply power both TWS earphones on (

red flashing light) (no need to enter pairing mode). Then TWS earphones may

automatically connect to your mobile phone.

X2T True Wireless Earbuds/Earphones